Second Grade

In second grade, we continue to focus on the foundational skills that allow students to be successful readers, writers, and mathematicians, building on the conceptual understandings students developed in kindergarten and first grade.  Second graders are learning to use strategies and skills independently and beginning to take responsibility for their own learning. In second grade we use a student-centered, social, and emotional learning approach towards teaching which follows the Responsive Classroom model. We create our own family community in our classroom that allows everyone to be themselves and welcomes all. In second grade we love to push ourselves in learning to prove our own abilities and learn that we are all capable of working individually and together.

Learning in 2nd Grade

Our elementary schools are engaged in a multi-year process to create an aligned literacy curriculum and shared best practices for instruction at grades pre K - 5th.  This work is well underway and is producing collaboration within the two elementary schools.  We are looking forward to sharing more details soon. 

In Grade 2, math instructional time is focused on four critical areas:

  1. extending understanding of base-ten notation;
  2. building fluency with addition and subtraction;
  3. using standard units of measure;
  4. describing and analyzing shapes. 
Second grade begins the year by learning what a scientist does. We use various resources and units from the Montshire Museum of Science. For the 2022-2023 school year we will focus on weather, force and motion, as well as plant and animal adaptations and life cycles. 
Throughout the second grade year, we focus on our classroom community focusing on awareness of our self and our family along with different cultures and class and school rules. 

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